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Monopoly is one of the world’s most popular board games. What would it look like if it had been invented today, rather than back in the 1930’s? Monopoly Here and Now slot machine, at Virgin Casino brings the game into the latest decade. Score property deeds to earn apartments and hotels on modern day properties including Hammersmith, Saville Row and Kensington Palace Gardens. Choose from a range of new game pieces including a mobile phone, roller blade or even a cheeseburger! Make your way around the Board Bonus, land on Free Parking and win one of the bonus jackpots!

In this 20-payline slot machine game (with 5 credits max bet on each payline) you can celebrate 70 years of Monopoly – and win yourself some money too! You can have it all with Monopoly Here & Now! In your quest to own it all, spin the reels to help build apartments and hotels on properties, and boost the Free Parking Bonus.

As you play Monopoly Here & Now, symbols with property deed sub-symbols may appear on the first three reels. When three such symbols land on an active payline, Mr. Monopoly pulls a random deed out of his coat, and throws the deed on the board. The corresponding property earns an upgrade. When a property upgrade is earned, one of the unimproved properties is randomly chosen to earn it. In the case where all properties have been upgraded, Mr. Monopoly randomly chooses one of the already upgraded properties to receive more apartments or another hotel.

In the upper left corner of the screen are the Free Parking Bonus meters. The last three reels have yellow, orange and red Free Parking symbols that increment the bonus meters with the amount shown on the symbol. The value on each Free Parking symbol is based upon your bet size. The bigger your bet, the bigger the meter increment. The first time you play Monopoly Here & Now, the Free Parking meters start at 100, 200 and 500, respectively. If the payline that first activates the Board Bonus has 2 or more credits, additional credits add to the Jackpot Accumulator. This one-time boost corrects the original reset amount to be commensurate with your bonus-winning bet.

When three Board Bonus dice symbols land on an active payline, you can choose a pair of dice to determine how many times you get to roll the dice in the Board Bonus.

Land on properties in the Board Bonus to get paid the value of the property and any property upgrades. Properties retain their value and property upgrades until the current Board Bonus round ends. Landing on Free Parking in the Board Bonus gives you the chance to win one of the Free Parking Bonus jackpots. Spin the wheel to determine which colour car moves forward towards its meter. The first car to move forward three times and reach its meter earns you the corresponding jackpot.

After a jackpot is won, only its meter is reset based on the line bet that triggered the Board Bonus. During the same Board Bonus round you can win more than one Free Parking jackpot by landing on Free parking again. The other Free Parking meters retain their value until they are won or the bonus ends. Similarly, all meters reset based on that line bet upon returning to the 5-reel game from the Board Bonus.

If you land on Go To Jail or receive a Go To Jail card from Community Chest, you go directly to Jail without passing GO. If you land in Jail on your last roll of the dice, the bonus ends. If you land in Jail with dice rolls remaining, you have up to three chances to roll doubles in order to escape, depending upon how many total rolls you have left. Each dice roll within Jail reduces your total number of rolls. If you run out of rolls before escaping from Jail, your Board Bonus ends at that point. If you succeed in rolling doubles, your piece moves that number of spaces starting from Just Visiting. If you do not roll doubles within three rolls, your piece is moved to Just Visiting. If you have rolls remaining, you may continue rolling and moving around the board.

If you land on GO you earn one extra roll. If you land on Chance or Community Chest, a corresponding card is randomly drawn. A given card can move your game piece, or reward you with an extra roll or additional credits. As you make your way around the board you might land on the same property twice or even get to play the Free Parking Bonus again!

When you’ve completed your rolls and exited the Board Bonus, all apartments and hotels are removed, and the Free Parking meters are reset proportional to the bet size on the pay line that triggered the bonus.

Note: If you end a Monopoly Here & Now play session with property upgrades on the Board Bonus or extra money in the Free Parking Bonus meters, this equity remains available until you return to the game at the same denomination. Play Monopoly Here and Now at Virgin Casino.

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