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Crowded Roulette Table PhotoRoulette players can generally get reasonable comps from their local casino. Why? Simply, the casinos love roulette players. With a typical house edge of 2.63% or above (unless the European single-zero wheel is used, alongside the en-prison rule – which reduces the edge to about 1.3%), the casinos view roulette as a profitable game. And the most profitable games (for the house) tend to lend themselves to good comps for the players of those games.

My sister blog has an article I wrote some time ago about the basics of getting comps. That’s a good primer to the topic of getting casino complimentaries, and worth a read. But here’s some additional advice for roulette players, that’s not mentioned in that original article: play on busy roulette tables.

You might well ask “why?”. When playing for comps, you want to try to reduce the amount of your REAL action as much as possible, whilst making it look like you’re betting a lot more than you actually are over a period of time. Because comps are formulated on your “average bet”, the secret is to appear to be “playing” for a long time, but actually to not be putting too much money into play. One good way to reduce the overall level of “action” you’re giving to the casino is to play on crowded roulette tables.

This works mathematically because the more people there are at the table, the slower the gameplay. The more people that bet, the more bets the dealer needs to keep track of. The more people that bet, the more people that will have winning bets. And the more winning bets, the more time it will take the dealer to actually pay out those bets. As a rough example, you’ll get the following amount of spins on a table in an hour, with “x” players:

1 roulette player = wheel spins 110 per hour
2 roulette players = wheel spins 80 per hour
3 roulette players = wheel spins 60 per hour
4 roulette players = wheel spins 55 per hour
5 roulette players = wheel spins 50 per hour
6+ roulette players = wheel spins 35 per hour

These figures are approximate – but you can no doubt see the trend! The more players the better. It’s also good to have other players at the roulette table for another reason: atmosphere. I’ve often met some great people around a roulette wheel – and it’s fun to play this game of chance with others involved. Well, that works for me anyway. 🙂

When you’re not playing for comps, but playing to win, then you simply want to reduce the house edge on the game to the lowest possible amount. Betfair Casino offers you the best game online with ZERO HOUSE EDGE ROULETTE. It’s unique, and you simply won’t find a better bet online.

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  1. dalewalker // July 6, 2009 at 11:17 am //

    A common misconception in roulette strategies is that the winning numbers follow a pattern in the long run. The thing with this is that each spin of the wheel is independent of the previous spin, masking the appearance of a trend highly unlikely.

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