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Arrrrrrgh. The web is becoming overrun with casino-topic sites that promise great wealth and riches for “just a small investment of $79!”. Avoid ALL systems for roulette, blackjack, baccarat where you have to PAY for the information.

Here are just some of the CRAZY roulette system sites I’ve come across lately – I DO NOT ENDORSE (or even lightly encourage) ANY OF THEM! In fact, to my eyes these are most probably SITES TO AVOID! I’m hoping that by showing you just a handful of some of the “system” sites that are out there, that you’ll work out for yourself that BUYING any roulette or gambling system is a BAD IDEA.

Avoid Visual Roulette System. Why? Using this device could (I believe) get you arrested, or at the very least barred from casinos. It’s a “cheating device” – and most surveillence systems in casinos will pick it up using infra red or similar technology.

Avoid Roulette Systems. Why? It’s a great domain but a HORRIBLE website – I just can’t take a website that looks this bad and is this hard to read seriously. I can’t fathom what the “system” itself looks like in book form… Besides, if the system is that good it doesn’t need 50 pages of information to sell it!

Avoid Roulette From the Dealer. Why? The “system” is nothing more than choose 8 numbers each spin, based upon a wheel position… and they want $79 USD for this “secret”! So, you pay $79 USD to get a system which gives you a 21.6% chance of winning on any spin (8/37)… and a 78.4% chance of LOSING!

Avoid Flaw found in Roulette. Why? Another $39 USD system that promises the world, and comes with a guarantee (but you must take a full year to try it out!!!). I’d like to see the testimonials from the hundreds of players who’ve NOT made money with the system being sold. Roulette does have a flaw, but that flaw is the ZERO on the wheel which eats away at user profits and creates the HOUSE EDGE.

These anti-recommendations are simply my PERSONAL opinion. You need to make up your own mind on whether or not to use these sites… There are literally hundreds of similar sites on the Internet. My PERSONAL advice is to avoid them all – but your call!

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  1. Casino Barred // August 16, 2008 at 10:43 pm //

    Personally, I wouldn’t even take the “free” systems. They look highly suspect to me also.

    In all my years of gambling I’m yet to find a single roulette system that guarantees long term results – except owning a table and calling yourself a casino. 🙂

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