Rugby World Cup 2011: $10 US Free From Me

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As I’m part of the host nation for the Rugby World Cup 2011, I’d like to offer all of my readers a very special treat in its honour. Simply join ANY of the online casinos we feature on this blog via our blog links, deposit and play $100 minimum, and win or lose I’ll give you $10 US via Paypal as a thank you. Once you’ve joined, deposited and played, send the casino name and your player account userid created as proof to Once I receive this and verify your play, I’ll send $10 US via Paypal or Neteller to you. Thanks for visiting How To Beat the Casinos. This offer is open for the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2011 (until October 23, 2011), and CAN be repeated. E.g. if you join 20 different casinos via my blog and deposit and play $100 in each, I could send you 20 x $10 = $200 US FREE!

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    Awesome Rugby World Cup 2011 offer, you’d be well advised to get in early whilst I’m able to offer this great and exclusive promotion!

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